A Qing Dynasty Cup

…acquired from Chaikhana Tea Culture

Through the years, this thick cup has smoothed and now accentuates the mellow and deep notes of tea. Such a quality naturally lends it to aged oolong – a category of tea where sweet and mellow flavors are desired. In its ~200yr lifespan, the cup has suffered some chips, but these have been thorougly stained by an ancient chinese person’s tea, and only add to the beauty of the cup. Like some of the best tea, this cup is finiky. With inadequate preheating, the thick ceramic will leach heat from the tea and trap flavors and aroma that are only coaxed out at high heat. However, with proper preheating, the cup will send waves of heat through the tea and release the high heat fragrance and taste.


~ by trentknebel on April 18, 2009.

One Response to “A Qing Dynasty Cup”

  1. I learned a lot from this post about why preheating is necessary with these kinds of cups. I use Yi Xing myself and haven’t done the preheating yet but now I’m thinking maybe it’s worth it at least for the finer Oolongs.

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